Who Am i… well hehehe wouldn’t you guys want to know!! It might be out with time for now just think of me as the guy giving you an insight of what’s going on in Bahrain…..

So Hey WHAT’S UP BAHRAIN !! You have got to love this island … ok ok you have your share of rude people, traffic is a killer these days, the roads are a mess, dirt is everywhere and the weather this time of the year is just awful!! … Other than that … this island has everything anyone wants in a place to live, lovely restaurants and vibrant night life, great people (well hey once you find some of them, they kind of keep themselves well hidden) and a couple of nice exclusive beaches (an island without beaches, this always manages to crack me up LOL)

Oooo damn it .. i guess that very funny and intelligent introduction ( /me looks at himself in the mirror and smiles) gave it away, i am not a native Bahraini, rather i am an expatriate working here and kind of enjoying my life at the moment!!

I had a couple of blogs before in my life, some didn’t last the week, others took a bit longer to neglect. I haven’t been around the blogging scene for a while now so much has been going on in my life.

I am growing older by the day, but i have recently realized that i am still living the kind of life a person lives while in university. You know what i’m talking about the carefree, spiritsy, party all week long and waste every cent you own on cloth/accessories all the time. This has to stop, well not stop because i kind of enjoy having fun, but i have to tone it down and start living my life more realistically.

For me this blog is going to be a commitment, a commitment to improve my life socially and financially (oh you guys are going to hear all about it you have my word there šŸ˜‰ ), moreover i am going to be covering all the latest news about Bahrain, reviews of restaurants and venues, launchings, events and a bunch of various other topics of personal interest. At the same time this blog will be used to talk about my goals and the steps i am taking to reach those them. These goals will include:

a- Finishing my masters (Currently attending classes, 4 down 8 more to go)

b- Starting a career in Banking/Financial Services

c- Own a well diversified high yield/low risk portfolio

d- Savings of around 100,000$ by the time I am 30 ( 25 at the moment =) )

e- Meet a wide variety of new and different people

f- Finalize all the information/plans needed to open up my own restaurant.

g- Be in the process of buying my first apartment (one of those stylish modern ones :D)

so … Ehem , Ehem …. “ALL ABOARD”


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